We love receiving photos and updates of our puppies!

She was known as Avery when we adopted her. This is Black Diamond Dolly known as Dolly. We love her so much and she is spoiled rotten!

Hi! Lexi (Windsor) just celebrated her 3rd birthday with us in April. She is such a wonderful dog and has been the most amazing companion for our daughter. We love her so much. She is very playful, especially with her favorite toys, which are a stuffed bear and a rubber bone. She loves to play tug of war and go on long walks. She also likes to bark at the deer when they come in our yard. I don't think she realizes that she is a little dog.


Hi Meredith
Here's Edison now Charlie - he's 6 months and my love bug! He's started obedience training - so smart!! I'm so thankful for my bundle of joy.. Thank you!!


He's our lil' nugget..... getting ready for his 1st Baseball season!!!

Hi Meredith. We just wanted to give you an update on Axel now know as Kodi (after the Kodiak bear).  He is loving life and we are loving him.  Attached is a photo from 4/29/17 . He thinks he is a large retriever as his big brother is a Chessie. He's such a love bug and loves to play.  His favorite snacks are ice and coconut oil.  

Thank you for helping us add this joy to our family.

 Walter & Katrina Harris

Hershey Update: we are in love with our little chocolate boy! It's been less than a week but he's a special part of the kids' lives already!


Wesley is one happy puppy...Adjusting to life in Florida so well. He has brought an abundance of joy into our world. He is amazing and so so smart. Thanks you!

Gadget's 1st official grooming.... he's not a fan of the clippers, so we'll need to work on that one!!! Not looking very puppyish anymore...

Finn, we have had him since September 2015. What a joy! Parents were Black Diamond and Casper.

Addie is 5 years old today. She is a smart and lovable dog with the sweetest personality. Love our Shichon!


Here is an updated photo of Penelope A.K.A Penny <3. We love her so much!!


(Both boys are from Stonebrooke)

Just wanted to update the Miles is doing fantastic and is so loved by everyone! Thank you for another amazing Shichon. They are so sweet make us so happy! Ozzie is also doing great! He's so cuddly and happy and Miles is so spunky and playful, they are the perfect pair.  


I was on your website, just browsing, and I realized I failed to provide an update about my puppy. I purchased Julius in June 2016 and I have been in love ever since! He is so spunky and has so much personality. He is 9 months old now and super spoiled! He enjoys peanut butter, regular spa (grooming) treatments, and socializing with others. He has been such a great addition! Thank you so much!!  (Please see the attached pictures)

Best, Simone 

Meredith, this is Jennifer - I wanted to share a picture of Ada, now Lucy.  She is doing great and we all love her :)

I wanted to share a quick update on Milo, whom I adopted from you all in April 2013. He will be three in February, and has been the biggest blessing to me, and to my family - including our 11-year old golden retriever, who loves having him around! Milo loves to cuddle, play with his toys, and is a huge fan of the doggie daycare I take him to while I'm at work. He is extremely loyal, and so much fun to have around. Thank you so very much! 

Best, Beth

This is our 3 year old Shichon Beau. We love him so much and he has the sweetest personality.
Today is his birthday and we just wanted to share with you a picture of him and his birthday present! Love this little fellow and want to thank you for breeding such sweet dogs.

We love our Ozzie so much. He is just pure joy and cuddles! Thank you for these sweet dogs!

Reggie will be celebrating his first birthday next week.  He is an adorable, loving, and healthy member of our family.
Thanks for giving him a great start in life!
Diane & Neil

"We just celebrated our one year anniversary with Paddington (Memphis). What a wonderful first year...albeit a pretty close encounter with insanity at times! He's graduated from Obedience School at the Dog Trainer's Workshop and is progressing well. Every night he puts on a show for us running as fast as his little legs will carry him. He loves walks, car rides and playing fetch. And, he thinks toilet paper and Kleenexes are his special treat...his own version of cotton candy. He has brought so much joy to our home this past year and we can't imagine life without him. Thank you for our special little friend!"

 Meko got his first haircut today. He is one handsome little Valentine, and soooo sweet!! Love him to pieces!  

 Can't believe he is 5 months old already.


Merry Christmas from Riley! He is 4 years old now! He brings us so much joy!!

Merry Christmas from Lexi (Windsor)!

 I just wanted to send you a quick update on Callum (black & white), whom we picked up from you December 23rd.  We absolutely love him, and he has been a great addition to our family.  Our brown/wht Shichon named Simi is 7 years old, and was our only until Callum came along.  It only took about a week before Simi and Callum began to play and sleep together.  They are now inseparable.  Callum is such a funny, sweet, and smart little guy.  We just wanted to thank you, and let you know how he is doing.


This is our sweet Shelby born in November. We had to do a mini clip around her eyes. She has such a great personality, she cracks us up, like are you human or dog? I never knew I could be so attached to a dog! Thanks for loving her momma and daddy. It shows!


 Hope you all are doing well! Simba is doing great! He is now 6 months old!! He's enjoyed his first trip to the groomers & his first snow day!! He loved the snow! He ran & played in it every day til it all melted! He enjoys playing soccer with our kids & chasing after them! When he's done socializing with us he'll grab his toy & head off to his crate for some quiet time. He's a smart & social boy. He's learned a few tricks, but a bit stubborn on coming in when he's call. He's a nice addition to our family & is filled with personality!! Thanks for our quirky little guy!

Take care!



Luna update!!! She's getting big fast and sassier by the minute! She is hilarious! I seriously spend most of the day just laughing at her! She has the best personality. She doesn't really like the word "no." If you tell her no, she just does whatever it is again and wants you to chase her. Hahaha she currently likes pulling ornaments off the tree and hiding her treats underneath the tree. She loves to help with dishes even though she ends up in the dishwasher. She hates weari...ng a dress because her dad has made her a tomboy! She loves the camera, sometimes... Other times she just rolls her eyes at you. Haha her and her dad recreated the Sistine Chapel. Lol it made a funny picture. And the girl LOVES to have her teeth brushed with her doggy toothpaste and toothbrush! Everyone told me she'd hate it and try to fight it, nope, as soon as she hears the kitchen sink running... She's right under my feet begging for some clean teeth! Her name has become Luna Bear, Sweet Bear, Baby Bear, Luna Boona, Luna Boona Bear, Mommy's Baby, Luna Patuna, if you can rhyme it or add "bear" to the end, she'll answer to it. She's spoiled! And she spoils us with all her love! She also knows how to sit, "tell me about it" (she'll have a conversation with you) and when we say "who's that?!" She runs to the back door to see who's here. She likes to FaceTime with her dad when he's at work and the same goes for me when I'm at work, she sits right there and barks at us when we talk to her. She's smart! I don't know how I ever lived without her!

Oh! And she see's her brother, Meko, every week! As soon as we get to my moms house, she's ready to pounce on him and play! And what's really funny is her and Meko are so much alike that it's crazy! Me and mom compare stories all the time and just have to laugh.



Merry Christmas from my Sweet Meko!



Merry Christmas from our family and Gatsby (we renamed her...she was Everleigh)! This baby couldn't be more spoiled and deservedly so! She has brought joy into our house, and we love her dearly!


 Our precious Mia!


 Our sweet Luna Bear with her new haircut! She's so beautiful!

 Oliver Raymond is 1 today. He brings so much joy to our family!



Hope your family is doing well! This is Ozzie's family (Kim and Chris). Just wanted to say hi and thank you again! Ozzie is healthy, growing well and doing great. He is doing great with potty training and is best buddies with our other dog Gus. Hope you all have a great holiday season!


"Hi-my name is Murphy. I'm spoiled rotten, loved tremendously and suck on my stuffed frog like a pacifier." 


This is our Sophie....She is so sweet..She will be two years old in April and we dont know what we would do without her. She is spoiled rotten and is so smart. She is a blessing and if we ever are in need of another puppy, we will definitely be coming back to Stonebrooke. Thanks again for our sweet baby!!!!




I have never known a puppy that's as lovable as Mr. Delicious!!!! He is irresistible to everyone! Your daughters have no idea what a Gift they gave to my son! I will always feel indebted to you. My young man has not stopped smiling since the bundle of "jazz-joy" came into our life. Jazz has wrapped my husband just as tight as Hunter.




We adopted our Lilly (formerly Rainey) in December 2014. She is the perfect companion. She loves our three children (ages 5, 8 & 11). She chases balls, loves to walk on a leash, and snuggles in our laps. I'm home all day and she's great company. My parents loved our puppy so much they adopted a Stonebrook Shichon, Brooksie, the following April. We love this breeder and our precious pet!


 Dear Shannon:

It was such a pleasure to meet you and your family. I just wanted to tell you what a delightful puppy Aiden is. We are so blessed to have added him to our family.
He has fit in better than we could have ever imagined. I am so thankful to have found you all on the internet. Again, we are truly blessed by him. Thank you
for everything. I will periodically send photos!

Have a wonderful evening.



We are loving Paxton!



Just wanted to give an update on Gadget (you may remember him as Theo). His first birthday is coming up, Aug 29th. He is such a loveable puppy, loves to play and has a weakness for peanut butter. This is his first summer and getting the hang of sitting poolside. Thank you so much for my pride and joy!



Hi Shannon and Meredith!

I just wanted to send you a little thank you for such a wonderful puppy! Jaxson or who we now refer to as Finley, is an absolute joy! He is sweet and playful but knows when it's time for business. He is extremely social which I thank you so much for. People stop us to tell us how adorable he is. We're crate training him and he took to it instantly. No barking and crying at all...we just put the teddy you gave us in there and he goes in with no fuss. It's amazing! I'm attaching a little video...I bought him these tiny tennis balls and we play fetch with them! He cracks me up...I just love him!! Thank you again and I'll send some pics as he gets older.


Shannon, it was nice talking with you today.  Thank you again for being such a wonderful, honest breeder.  We are so thankful to have met you.  You have such a beautiful home and we thank the Lord for having found such a wonderful christian family who breeds such a wonderful breed of dogs.  You have a beautiful family also and I appreciate the involvement of your children in her life as this has most definitely made her a loving, cuddly, playful, well socialized puppy.  Just between us, I want a brother for her...  we will have to convince my husband of this first though!!  : )
A couple facts about our Lulu-
-  She is an AKC Canine Good Citizen now and is getting ready to be enrolled in the SC association of Therapy Animals.  She is become certified and begin "working" with special needs children to help them read (the BARK program) as well as serve as a therapy dog in various nursing homes.  She does great at school and we feel like this is a chance for us to show God's love through Pet Therapy.
-  She is BEAUTIFUL as you can see.  She has dresses, bows, shoes, a carrier and a stroller that we take with us at all times-  she has been to the mall, Belk's, all over Gatlinburg Tennessee and thanks to her AKC CGC certification she is going to Seabrook Island with us next summer.
-    She pretty much LIVES on her back-  she loves to have her belly rubbed.  We call it her "Rolly Polly."  
-  Her best friend is my best friends dog, a Bichon Frise names Isabella.  
-  Lulu is an amazing addition to our family,and we wouldn't be the same without her.  Thank you again for letting us adopt such an amazing family member-  she is our baby!!!!

If I can do ANYTHING for you, PLEASE don't hesitate to let me know.  You have given us an amazing gift and we are THRILLED to help you out in any way!! 



Just wanted to share photos of our puppy Daisy Mae (Viviana). She just turned 6 months old! Oh what spunk this baby has brought to our family!!

Thank You!


I got Mack last February and he has been a genuine blessing.  I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer about this time last year and already made arrangements to "adopt" Mack, and my doctor encouraged me to go ahead with getting him.  He has been the source of so much joy & so many smiles during my recovery.  Because he needed me, I got up and moved many days when I didn't want to do so.  Mack has such a wonderful & mischievous personality!  He loves playing outside & at the same time loves curling up in my lap - which I love.  Thank you so much for such a wonderful addition to my home!

A recent photo of Mack is attached.



 Shannon and girls, I adopted Flynn - now named Bandit - from you and in the short time I've had him I just love him to death! He is so smart and loves people and our other dog. He is always on the go, running, playing he makes me smile! Thanks so much for Boo Boo, I'm so glad I found your website, you can really tell he has been well socialized.


Hi Shannon and Meredith,
Just wanted to give you an update on Maverick who we picked up from you on 22-Mar. He's now 13 weeks old and has been an absolute angel of a puppy. Thank you for providing him with such a great home for the first 2 months of what is sure to be a long and happy life. He will be getting his first grooming tomorrow which we are really excited about - he doesn't HATE bath time, but he definitely doesn't love it. :) He's also become quite the traveler, he has already been to Charleston, Chapel Hill, and Chicago! He has 2 doggy friends in our neighborhood and we get to spend loads of time together since I work from home. He is a sweet and gentle soul and we are so happy we got to add him to our family. Thank you!
Hope all is well with you and your family,

 Shannon and Family,

We have just returned home after several weeks on the road and received you Christmas card. Thank you and hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Here are a couple of pics of our favorite pup. He's 1 today!
Take care




We got one of your pups last July and I just wanted you to know how much we love him. Louie is a joy in our family and is best friends with our weim, Gus. He has been very healthy and is as sweet a dog as we could have asked. Thank you!

Moody family


Shannon and Meredith,

Thank you for the Christmas card!

We want to give y'all an update on Titan. He is a busy, busy little guy!! He loves to fetch and run with dad, and has discovered the best treat ever: cow hooves! :) He is a mama's boy because I am a softy and because I give him lots of massages. Titan is happiest when he is with mom and dad, especially going for walks around the neighborhood.

I attached some pics from the last few months, since we brought him home in June.

We wish your family a happy and healthy 2014!!

~ Meghan


I just wanted to thank you again for all of your kindness and professionalism as we chose our new puppy. Winston is doing very well and has blended in nicely with our family. He travels to most of our baseball games and loves to be around people. If his temperament will allow, my dream is to train him to become a medical therapy dog. I've been impressed that he doesn't startle easy. My husband has fallen for the little guy. He said we should get on your waiting list for another puppy in the near future...hahaha. I'll let you know if we make the decision to lovingly adopt again.



 We love our little Shichon girl from Shichons of Stonebrooke! She is super sweet and gentle with my young kids. Shichons are great family dogs and we would definitely recommend Shichons of Stonebrooke. Our Lily is healthy, smart and sweet tempered. It is clear she was well cared for by this family.



We adore her! Everyone who meets her falls in love with Georgia Lu!



Hope you guys are all doing well! I'm in love with my little guy Cuba (formerly known as Maddox) and everybody in the family and the neighborhood loves him. He has a ton of doggie pals and he is always the center of attention! His friends actually wait for him to come to the park every morning and run to him the moment they see him! My mother is ABSOLUTELY head over heels in love with him and she is his best buddy. He is always so fun and playful but he can be calm when he needs to. I thank you guys so much. I recommend you to anybody I speak to who wants a puppy. Hope the family is well and all of the parents and new pups are happy and well.



Greetings Beiler Family and happy holidays! Just wanted to let you know that Bella, formerly known as Aspen, is a wonderful addition to our family. We love her so much. She has brought so much joy to our lives and we can't imagine life without her. She is a loving and well-socialized dog and we are grateful to have her. Thank you for allowing us to be her family.
Tonya, Ken, Kenny, and Tyler


Good Morning!

We are so thankful we found your family and were able to get sweet Oliver from you in November. He is now known as Quimby and has brought us such joy! Attached are some pictures of our sweet boy.

We hope you and your family are doing well!


Chris and Tish